This is a self study course that can be comfortably done in 2-3 weeks or longer

A brief overview of the content (see full curriculum further down)

  • 1. Clear the clutter

    We identify what doesn't work in your life and what is holding you back from living your life fully. We get to work on structuring and organising all of the messy, confusing, and worrisome thoughts that your mind has kept busy with. You will learn how your childhood conditioning has created beliefs that block you from living life aligned with your true intentions. You will learn how to break habits and repeating patterns.

  • 2. Design life like you mean it!

    We build the foundation of your most wonderful future. We lay out the framework for your life, where you are the artist of all of your life's creation. There are lessons in how to stay aligned with your dreams and desires. Practices that keep you from falling back into negativity and self-sabotage. With fun self-love​ practices you will learn just how unique and meaningful you are and how important your contribution is to this world. With my favourite manifesting tools, we are going to invite everything that your soul desires, into your reality.

  • BONUS: Your life's purpose

    By the time of approaching this bonus module, you will trust life and your own creative ability like never before. You will know that happiness is a choice, and how worthy you are of everything you dream of. With this bonus workbook, you get to look deeper into who you came here to be, and what you came to this earth and life to achieve. With some easy time management practices, you will realise how you can distribute your time so that you get to fill your life with everything that brings joy and fulfilment​.

What people say about the course


  • Fantastic course!

    Mia - New York

  • Was really touched by your support and thankful for being so lucky that your program came out just at the right time.

    Jella - Berlin

  • Thank you for such eye-opening practices. I had no clue that I was sabotaging my life this way.

    Sanna - Stockholm

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Full course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome! And let's get started.
    • Eliminate distracting noise
    • Discuss and ask questions
    • Welcome!
    • Why I want to help you
    • Get you started guide - what you need ✔️
    • Things you will need
    • Boost your energy levels
    • Zen playlist
    • What you can expect from this course, and how it is laid out
    • The 7 things to master - to live any life you wish
    • Setting your intention
    • Set your intentions guide
    • Next steps...
    • Upload your intentions
  • 2
    Module 1
    • Cleanse your mind - bring clarity
    • Where do you struggle?
    • Power of your mind
    • Watch your mind
    • Breaking free from your childhood pains
    • The origin of your beliefs
    • The importance of forgiving
    • Forgive, and let go
    • Reprogram your subconscious
    • About the subconscious mind
    • What new beliefs do you want to install in your mind?
    • Timeline exercise
    • Congratulations!
  • 3
    Module 2
    • Welcome to module 2!
    • More about beliefs
    • The magic formula to success
    • Creating your guide - your daily rituals
    • A beautiful morning meditation
    • Ask, and it is given
    • Design your dream life
    • Design your dream life
    • What you put in, is what you get back
    • Take action and BECOME who you wish to be
    • How is your new life going to make things better?
    • 11 affirmations
    • 11 affirmations
    • I AM LOVE and other mantras - playlist
    • Become by believing
    • Reminder
    • Self love practices
    • I am enough!
    • More self love practices
    • The best version of you
    • Mirror greeting
    • Write the novel of your life
    • Vision board creation
    • Amazing job!
  • 4
    Bonus module
    • Welcome to this bonus module!
    • Finding your purpose - exercises
    • How to best use your time
    • Book tips

About Taru Tuomi

Transformational Life Coach

Life has brought me on a dynamic and expansive journey, to say the least. Growing up in an orphanage in Finland, sailing halfway around the world, having lived in 25+ countries, traveled to more than 70, and currently residing on the mystical island of Sicily where my son, partner and I are building our dream home on a few hectares of lush land - I can say that it’s been a hell of a ride. Yet, I always feel that there is so much more to learn. I grew up with a great sense of separation and a belief that I wasn’t as worthy as others. As I grew older and found various healing techniques, I have been able to free myself from the false beliefs and step into my true nature and highest potential. I believe that I was born to learn about pain and transform it into light and love - in order to help inspire others to live in their divine light. As a passionate woman, mother, creative being, I thrive when I can be of service to others. When I can help make the world just a tad more authentic and liberated than it was yesterday. I love sharing my life experiences, and what I’ve learned through my own challenges, as well as my deep interest in human psychology and ancient traditions - with people who seek to up-level their lives in every area.
About Taru Tuomi

Bonus material

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  • Weekly support

    €150 value

    Stay in touch with me through WhatsApp or your medium of choice, during the course of your studies. Gain the support and guidance you may need on your transformational journey.

  • Find your life's purpose

    $29 value

    A guide and handbook on how to discover what your life's purpose is, and how to take action towards it.

  • Guide for how to best use your time

    $29 value

    Balance your time and learn to use your power and energy at times that are most useful to you.

Want to know more about me and my work?

If you wish to read more about my work and what other clients of mine say about my other programs, then make sure to check out my website below. Which is also where you will find all my contact details if you have any questions.


Jella, Berlin

I have been struggling with things like child hood traumas, eating disorders and self-destructive thoughts for actually all my life and finally found myself going through a depressive state with suicidal thoughts at the beginning of this year. Apart from professional medical and therapeutic support I knew I need more to help me finding the peace and freedom with myself I have always been longing for. Now after a few weeks with Taru’s course I am thinking more and more positively about me, the past, present and future. I feel so much power, excitement and curiosity towards my life and what is there to come. The other day last week was possibly the best day of my life so far - nothing special has happened, but I felt free and in peace with my life with nearly no negative thoughts about me or others. New things I have always wished for keep showing up in my life. Of course, I still fall back into old thoughts and habits from time to time and my brain reminds me of well-known negative beliefs. But I trust that I manage to let go of it with the tools from the course and actually start believing that everything I want in live can become true. Taru is always there to adapt the content to any special needs and to help with whatever is useful beyond the course. Thank you Taru for being open about your own past and struggles, listening to your inner voice and accompanying people on their journey <3